Vocalosity, Pitch Perfect, and The Green Bay Packers

A Cappella sensation, Vocalosity kicks off the Grand Theater’s 2016-17 Season! Creator Deke Sharon (Pitch Perfect, The Sing-Off) brings together 12 dynamic voices to sing hit songs like “Locked Out of Heaven” from Bruno Mars to “Whole Lotta Love” from Led Zeppelin.  Sharon creates brand-new arrangements from these chart-topping songs and brings together a large variety of genres. Be prepared to hear a Beatles song as a hymn and many other arrangements you wouldn’t even think of.


Music Director, Arranger, and Artist Producer Deke Sharon created Vocalosity in 2015.  He describes it as the culmination of the past 20 years of his career, and it really is just that.

Deke Sharon has been a part of the a cappella genre his entire life.  Performing since the age of 8, Sharon has worked his way to the top of the a cappella world, hailed as “the father of contemporary a cappella”, according to Entertainment Weekly. Shaping today’s idea of a cappella, Sharon has arranged over 2,000 songs, produced numerous award winning a cappella albums, and has founded  the Contemporary A Cappella Society, an organization that brings a cappella programs all across the globe.

Most notably Sharon was the arranger and on-site music director for Pitch Perfect and Pitch Perfect 2. If you’ve seen Pitch Perfect 2 you may notice a few familiar faces, The Green Bay Packers. It’s no secret that The Packers love Pitch Perfect so when they were presented with the opportunity to be in the sequel they jumped on it. They traded Coach Mike McCarthy for Coach Deke Sharon.

Although The Packers have no formal vocal training everything you hear in Pitch Perfect 2 is really them thanks to the guidance from Sharon…and if he can transform a group of 300lb linebackers into a singing sensation, just imagine what he can do with a group of vocally trained superstars….

Get your tickets starting on July 12th to see Vocalosity at the Grand Theater on October 11, 2016. Call the ticket office at 715-842-0988 or visit grandtheater.org.

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