Volunteer Spotlight: Lynne Sydlow

untitledThe support of our volunteers such as Lynne Sydlow is a huge part of The Grand; and this National Volunteer Week, we would like to highlight a few of the volunteers who go above and beyond.

Meet Lynne Sydlow. A volunteer for The Grand for five years.  Joining the Grand Theater family after retirement, Lynne has become one of our most eager and dedicated volunteers.

Volunteer Coordinator, Cindy Kainz explains how she is always willing to volunteer, “Almost every show, she has her sheet marked ready to help. I bet she would volunteer for the whole season if she could!” Not too far from the truth. Lynne explains that she genuinely enjoys volunteering and the tasks that come with it.

But volunteering has gotten so much deeper for Lynne, “I have always liked ushering and more recently have really liked bartending.  The main reason to continue, other than to keep the Grand humming, is the other volunteers.”

Explaining that she has made so many new friends since volunteering, the friendships lead Lynne back to volunteer time and time again. “It’s just a great group of people,” she explains. “Thank you to all the staff and other volunteers who have taken the time to teach me the skills needed to be a productive volunteer. I look forward to each and every volunteer opportunity I am given.”

The Grand would like to take this opportunity during Volunteer Appreciation Month to thank all volunteers who help out at the Grand. Our volunteers are some of the most wonderful, helpful and humble people. We wouldn’t be The Grand without them!

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