Volunteer Spotlight: Marilyn Foley

green backgroundThe support of our volunteers such as Marilyn Foley is a huge part of The Grand; and this National Volunteer Week, we would like to highlight a few of the volunteers who go above and beyond.


The Grand has over 150 volunteers that work behind the scenes to help ensure that you have the best experience. You may only know them as the smiling faces that hold open the doors or help you to your seat, but our volunteers are so much more.

Meet Marilyn Foley. Starting as an usher while The Grand was still ARTSBlock, Marilyn has been a volunteer at the Grand Theater for almost ten years. Always ready to step in where needed with a helping hand and a smile.

“I just like to usher,” Marilyn told The Grand, “I don’t need any recognition, I just want to make a difference in someone’s life. Just the look of a smile on a patron’s face is all I need!”

As a retired nurse, she strongly believes that it is one’s duty to use their talents to bring happiness and help others. With experience in the hospitality field, Marilyn is willing to go well out of her way to give a little extra “tender, love and care.” Whether it be finding open seats to accommodate a patron’s health, or simply just checking in to make sure everyone is comfortable, Marilyn goes above and beyond in her job as an usher.

For Marilyn it really is all about the people that come to The Grand, connecting with them in any way she knows how.

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