“What Comes Next”: More Ways to Explore the World of “Hamilton”

So, you watched Hamilton on Disney+ and now you’re officially a Hamil-Fan. What now? Once you’ve watched the film a few more times (we know you want to), check out these resources to learn some more about the Broadway-hit-turned-cultural-phenomenon.

  1. Read the book that inspired Lin-Manuel Miranda to write the musical, Ron Chernow’s Alexander Hamilton.
  2. Or look through Hamilton: The Revolution for behind-the-scenes photos and interviews, as well as the complete libretto with footnotes written by Miranda himself.
  3. Once you’ve learned about some of the musical references in the musical from Miranda’s book, check out this website for in-depth annotations and analysis of each song on the cast album!
  4. Listen to Hamilton in a whole new way! The Hamilton Mixtape features assorted songs from the musical, sung by artists like John Legend, Sia, and Kelly Clarkson. There are even some bonus songs that aren’t in the musical!

  5. And while you’re exploring Lin-Manuel Miranda’s music, check out his first musical, In the Heights! The musical won three Tony Awards in 2008, and is being adapted into a film that comes out next year!


  6. Once you’ve studied up on the history, learn why Hamilton is so important today with “The Undefeated Presents: Hamilton In-Depth“! Miranda, director Thomas Kail and members of the original cast united on Disney+ and TheUndeafeated.com on the day of the musical’s release for a conversation about Hamilton‘s cultural impact and what it means for America today. 
  7. Disney+ has also released a new special conversation “Hamilton: History Has Its Eyes on You,” an intimate discussion about the historical relevance and accuracy of the production.
  8. See what the cast was up to when they weren’t performing – onstage, anyway! The #Ham4Ham show was a series of free performances that took place while hundreds of people waited in line for a chance to win lottery tickets for the show!


Are there any other great fan resources you’ve discovered?

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